Didier Bezace (1946-2020) 🎭 Liao Yiwu📚 Homéric 🐎 Salif Keita and Nantenin Keita 🎼 with Rocé # 479

Didier Bezace, an actor and director, popular and demanding, who “utopianizes” and affirms “everyone has the right to beauty”; a horseman who loves animals; a father-daughter couple who are singing and competing in the shade of disability and stigmatizing whiteness; A womanizer and imprisoned poet who writes a book that Beijing wanted to burn; a rapper who feeds on philosophy. It is Midnight words: mestizo, radical, joyful!

Midnight words N ° 479 of January 23, 2013.


Didier Bezace (1946-2020) is an actor and director who studied in Nancy and enrolled in a militant journey is one of the founders of Aquarium Theater in Vincennes, of which self-management is one of the modes of operation. He directs the Commune Theater by Aubervilliers until 2013. Among his productions, the texts byEmmanuel Bove.
In cinema, he filmed notably with Claude Miller or Bertrand Tavernier.

Didier bezace

Homéric: Strange pseudonym and reference to the author of the Odyssey unless it is the name of a horse he cared for when he was an apprentice jockey. We owe him a “Horse Lover Dictionary” and several novels which tell the equine passion.


Salif Keita. To be “albino” is frowned upon, where it comes from. Let the “prince” become “griot” and the balance of the families is upset. Never mind, He will sing in Bamako and elsewhere in the world before a great career and an installation in France. He also advocates for the protection of albino children.
He is also the father of the athlete Nantenin Keita, athletic champion.

Salif Keita

Nantenin Keita is visually impaired 400m world champion in 2006, bronze medal in the 400m 2008 Paralympic Summer Games (holder of the French record), bronze medal over 100 m in the 2012 Paralympic Summer Games.

Nantenin Keita

The goal is to improve the lives of albinos, in Mali at first… in a country where mentalities evolve slowly, slowly.

Nantenin Keita. Words of midnight, 2013.


Liao Yiwu East writer, Chinese poet and musician was born in 1958. The events of Tian’anmen reveal him to himself and inspire him with the poem “Massacre” who sends him behind bars. After four years in prison, he ended up in exile in Germany. His book “In the empire of darkness” is considered by Robert Badinter as “one of the great books of prison literature ”.

Liao Yiwu

Yes, I read it (Editor's note: The Bible) as a literary work, and I found it very interesting from this point of view. This is one of the great creation stories, which I read like a tale. I was also interested in the birth of Protestantism, in the texts of Calvin and Luther. But I must say that the readings that inspire me more are those of contemporary philosophers, French in particular. I was very interested in Camus and Sartre in the 1980s, then in Michel Foucault. In particular to his writings on prison and confinement, as well as his description of the springs of power and how it crushes the individual, freedom …

Liao Yiwu. © Le Monde

Alexandra Lemasson reads an extract from “In the Empire of Darkness” by Liao Yiwu


Rocé. Born in Algeria, he arrived in France in the Val de Marne at 4 years old. Rapper who has who to hold. He’s the son of resistant and anti-colonialist Adolfo Kaminsky.

Rocé performs “Sitting on the moon” and “In apnea”

The time for amalgamation comes. TVs and radios don't foolishly or mistakenly mix things up. They do it because the clash of civilizations is selling. Because this society has built its identity and its liberalism on the fear of the other. Even public service broadcasts insult us and reduce us to clichés. And they do it with our tax dollars.

Rocé. Télérama, 2015.

Midnight words # 479 Realization: Pierre Desfons
Editor in chief: Rémy Roche
Production: Thérèse Lombard and Philippe Lefait
Journalists: Sophie Joubert, Lorenzo Ciavarini Azzi
© / France2

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