DIRECT. In front of the European Parliament, Thierry Breton promises to be “radical” to avoid conflicts of interest. Watch his audition

What there is to know

Thierry Breton will he suffer the same fate as Sylvie Goulard? After the resounding failure of the former minister, the confirmation, on Thursday, November 14, by the European Parliament, the former CEO of Atos to the position of commissioner remains uncertain, because of persistent doubts about the risks of conflicts of interests. Faced with these suspicions, Thierry Breton has just promised, during his hearing, to be “radical” to avoid these conflicts of interest.

An expected hearing. The case of the former CEO of Atos, the first big boss in the history of the EU's candidate for the Commission, is one of the last hurdles for the next president, Ursula von der Leyen, who is struggling to set up his team. A green light from MEPs to Thierry Breton would put the German in a good position to meet the goal of taking office on December 1, already delayed a month.

Proposed by Emmanuel Macron after the failure of Sylvie Goulard. The candidacy of the Frenchwoman for the post of European Commissioner for the Internal Market was rejected, on October 10, during a second hearing. The Head of State has therefore chosen to submit the candidacy of Thierry Breton, although some are concerned about the risk of conflict of interest between his future portfolio potential and his current activity as CEO of the Atos IT group.

Business leader and science fiction writer. Former Minister of the Economy but especially business leader, Thierry Breton has led Thomson, France Telecom and, until today, the computer group Atos. On October 24, we summed up what you need to know on whoever also wrote a science fiction novel.


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