do on-board cameras help reduce the number of accidents?

In France, 35,000 drivers use a “dashcam”, an on-board camera to record their trips by car. This small camera stuck on the dashboard of your car or your windshield can prove to your insurer, in case of disputes, that you were not at fault. “If you happen to have an accident or an accident to another road user, you will be able to have the video to give the insurance”explains Thomas Damas, supervisor Norauto.

And insurers offer discounts to their customers using this technology. For example, Olivier Assurance offers a 10% discount on the amount of your car insurance if you use an on-board camera. The use of this camera would greatly reduce accidents. “There are studies that tend to show that there is a decline in the loss experience from the moment the policyholders are equipped with a 'dashcam', we think they will be a little more cautious. camera will influence their behavior and will drive more cautiously, they will have fewer accidents “said Julien Gigogi, Technical Director of Olivier Assurance.

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