Doctors accuse Doctolib of increasing costs with confinement

It’s an increase that doesn’t happen in this time of health crisis. As the Huffington post, several doctors complain that their fees have increased on Doctolib. The platform has decided to levy 1% excluding tax on doctors' fees in the event of teleconsultation booked via Doctolib: these costs were still free a few days ago. “1% doesn't mean much on paper. But in this period it is not really reasonable on their part ”, regrets a doctor at the Huffington Post.

“I do teleconsultations every afternoon last week. In March this represented around 1,300 euros in fees, from which they will therefore charge me 13 euros. It’s a bit like when some people raised the price of hydroalcoholic gels at the start of the epidemic, ”he added. The media also quotes a doctor who explains on a forum that the note can climb up to 200 euros per month by adding all the costs on Doctolib for the agenda, teleconsultation and bank charges. In his email sent to the doctors, Doctolib explains that “these fees correspond to the authorizations to debit bank cards and bank transfers” and that they are “similar to those applied by your bank when using your payment terminal” .

Doctolib is justified

“These are costs that we can no longer afford to offer,” said the company, contacted by the Huffington Post, explaining that teleconsultations have been multiplied by 50 since the start of containment. Doctolib notably had to negotiate with Stripe, its payment service provider, which would have lowered its costs to 1% instead of 1.5% previously. Finally, Doctolib claims to have made gestures in favor of doctors. These are no longer paid at the end of the month for teleconsultations, but weekly by the platform. The subscription for the right to benefit from the teleconsultation service, which amounts to 79 euros per month, is also offered to them during the epidemic.


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