Donald Trump's election base still loyal to the US president

In the small town of Miami, Texas, much less well known than his cousin in Florida, nearly everyone has supported and continues to support Donald Trump.

The green sign at the entrance of the city indicates that Miami has 597 inhabitants. But in the meadows around, probably much more cattle. It's Miami, Texas, not Florida. It is the city in the United States that voted the most for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential elections, with 96% of the vote.

“Most people here are farmers or work in oil”says Mitchell Loke, 37, rancher from father to son for five generations. “The American left hate this, the fossil fuels, so it has a knock-on effect for the people of Miami, because even if they do not work in this industry, their families work there, that's where we get our income. “

For too long, Middle America has been sacrificed. Trump said 'we stop with this'.Mitchell, a Miami residentat franceinfo

In Miami, almost everyone continues to support President Trump. “I like his foreign policysays Mitchell, father of twins. He draws a positive assessment of the first three years of the billionaire at the White House. “Bring the troops home, oppose China commercially.”

A few miles away, “downtown” is a rendezvous with retired couple Steven and Martha. In a burst of laughter, Martha explains that here everyone is Republican, even their dog Buddy, who screams to death when we pronounce in front of him the name of Hillary Clinton, the opponent of 2016. Then we go to inside the Finnleys fountain, the “dinner” of the city, where Steven is seated with some friends. For this retired sports coach, no doubt, in a year, Trump is reelected: “He is a blessing for our country, he is a conservative, for example on abortion, and then he wants to stop spending all our money on endless wars.”

The investigation launched by the Democrats to obtain the impeachment of the president will change nothing according to him. “Of all this, it will be clear that they have nothing, nothing to remove him, they are wasting their time, their energy and the taxpayer's money, to conduct these investigations.” In the end, it will make it stronger. , I am sure”says Steven.

He's a New Yorker, he does not do it right and frankly, I do not really care about how he behaves.Dennis, a Miami residentat franceinfo

At the table, we also talk about the Democratic candidates, all qualified as socialists. The corrupt media are being criticized, while inviting the visiting French journalist to lunch, because Texas hospitality is not a fake news. Everyone agrees that this president is atypical. But that's not a big deal, according to Dennis, an arborist in the area: “For me, he has several successes to his credit, he got rid of Obama's legacy, the economy is booming, unemployment is at its lowest, and his presidency is a tremendous success!”

Miami, Texas, 597 residents and Trump 2020 flags at the entrance of many homes. A city that, despite the storm of impeachment, and despite the political jousting of Washington, continues to support Donald Trump.

The Franceinfo report in Miami by Gregory Philipps

In a year, we will know whether Donald Trump is being re-elected for a second term, or whether he should give the place to the White House to a Democrat. The presidential election will take place on November 3, 2020.

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