Donald Trump's impeachment investigation approved by the House of Representatives

The democratic parliamentarians adopted this resolution by 232 votes in favor against 196 votes.

The US House of Representatives approved, Thursday, October 31, the investigation for the impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump, propelling it into a new public phase. With a Democratic majority, it adopted this resolution by 232 votes in favor against 196 votes, elected largely conforming to the instructions of their party. “It's our democracy that is at stake”said Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the Chamber.

Democrat parliamentarians are trying to show that Donald Trump has lobbied Kiev to get the job done for former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden, who is well positioned to face him in the 2020 election. US President denies failure to his duties and claims to be covered by a “Rebellion”. On Twitter, he denounces “the greatest witch hunt in American history”.

“It's unfair, unconstitutional and fundamentally anti-American”, for its part commented on the White House in a statement. Republican elected officials have denounced a “masquerade” aiming to trample the outcome of the 2016 election.


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