Dortmund-Paris, two clubs that everything opposes?

Let's start with their beginnings. Founded in 1909, Borussia Dortmund is by definition a popular club. And for good reason: it was founded by a group of young workers and miners, after the local priest threatened to ban football on Sunday.

A workers' club, another to shine

A blasphemy for these workers, who immediately left Mass and founded a club whose name would be that of another temple: the local brewery Borussia. A popular team in a working-class city that is not worth looking at, Borussia Dortmund has a workers' DNA that attracts sympathy. This is the club we love, without knowing why.

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On the other hand, Paris Saint-Germain represents the “most beautiful city in the world”. Above all, it is the capital's club, the one we love to hate. But these are not the only criteria that distinguish it from the popular BVB. Founded much later, in 1970, Paris Saint-Germain is the result of a calculated merger to revive professional football in the capital after the disappearance of the Stade Français and Racing. Starting in the second division, the club was then destined to shine from the start.

Moreover, in 1973, as in Dortmund, it was a band which was really going to launch the club: that of the stylist Daniel Hechter and his friends (Jean-Paul Belmondo, Francis Borelli, Charles Talar and Bernard Brochand). We are far from workers and miners.

Tuchel, cracks and Cup of Cups

If their roots are radically different, the BVB and the PSG, sprinkled by years of football business, today have branches that come together. Beyond the Parisian coach Thomas tuchel, passed by Borussia between 2015 and 2017, and who left a mixed memory there despite the best victory rate of a coach with BVB (63%) and two European quarter-finals, the two clubs share several points in common. For example, their offensive playing styles and their episodic defensive excitement (recently, Dortmund lost 4-3 to Leverkusen, while Paris just made 4-4 at Amiens).

Dortmund and Paris are also each carried by cracks, called to play the football of tomorrow. PSG side, it is obviously about Kylian Mbappé. At Borussia, it’s the role of Jadon Sancho. At 19, the English prodigy shines in the Ruhr area and is certainly the best player in the BVB (16 goals, 17 assists this season). From a fervent point of view, Borussia supporters are often presented – and rightly so – as the best in Europe, especially in their impressive Yellow Wall. But the Auteuil turn in the Parc des Princes, which has taken on colors in recent seasons, should not be ashamed.

The icing on the cake: the two clubs have as many championship titles as each other (8) or Cup Cup titles (1 each, in 1966 for Dortmund, 1996 for Paris). The two institutions even each have their handball section. If they were radically different at their bases, Paris and Dortmund therefore have much more in common than it seems. Finally, the main difference being that Borussia has already won the Champions League (1997). Competition which, precisely, brings together the two clubs Tuesday evening.


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