Earthquake in the Ardeche, crisis in Chile, Venice under the water … a news week in pictures

Monday, November 11, the earth trembled in Ardeche. An earthquake of magnitude 5.4. In Teil, the most hit commune, 895 buildings were affected. Desolation and stupor are embodied by the look of a dog in the middle of the rubble. In Chile, stones serve as projectiles. The social revolt is growing. In the middle of a violent scene, a moment of grace: the water cannons of the police create a rainbow. 22 people have died since the beginning of the demonstrations.

In Los Angeles (United States), another image of precariousness: to solve the housing crisis, a residence offers boxes to sleep. A locker for his business, a curtain to isolate himself … The mattress and the duvet are compressed in 3 m2 for an exorbitant rent fixed at 730 euros.

In Italy, Venice is under water but a tourist prefers to laugh. Knee-tight socks, she crosses St. Mark's Square without pulling her heavy suitcase. For good reason, the sea carries it for her.

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