Education: Students demonstrate to warn about their difficult living conditions

Tuesday, November 12 evening, the grid of the Ministry of Higher Education, in Paris, was forced. Hundreds of angry students demonstrated to denounce their very precarious living conditions. Earlier in the day, a lecture by François Hollande had to be canceled in Lille (Nord) at the Faculty of Law. Students invaded the amphitheater before tearing up copies of his books. Wednesday, November 13, the university of Lyon (Rhone) has been closed since the morning for security reasons. A faculty in which studied Anas, the 22-year-old who immolated himself in front of a Crous building (Regional Center for Academic and Academic Works), Friday, November 8.

In Paris, a palisade and tags are visible in front of the Ministry of Higher Education. “There were a lot of young people hooded with flags, but I thought it was for fun, but after they started taking garbage cans on the ground, even motorcycles”, Recalls Jesus Salgueiro, a cook witness of the demonstration. Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Higher Education, condemns these “calls to violence”.

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