effects on our health?

The National Health Security Agency (ANSS) alerts mobile phone owners dating from before 2016. Some of these devices would be dangerous when they are placed too close to the body. The waves are a daily concern for Sandra Namia, mother. Indeed, waves, there are everywhere in his Paris apartment: box Wi-Fi, induction hob, Bluetooth speakers, cordless phones and even low energy bulbs. What worries this mother is the antennas mobile phone a few meters from the room of his child. It has therefore decided to call on a specialist mandated by the National Frequency Agency (ANFR). For the technician, the main source of waves comes from mobile phone antennas. The threshold of 4 volts per meter is higher than the average of the waves measured in French apartments at 0.8 volts per meter.

National regulations set emission limits for each device that are 50 times lower than what could affect our health. So, what are the effects of waves on the body? Scientifically, the question is not definitively decided. If for the Health Security Agency, there is no evidence “proven health effects”, WHO (World Health Organization), she, classifies the waves as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”. In France, hypersensitivity to magnetic waves is not officially recognized as a disease.

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