Egypt has registered a first case of coronavirus, the first on the African continent

The patient is not Egyptian, said the ministry. He was hospitalized and quarantined.

The Egyptian Ministry of Health announced that it had registered the first case of Covid-19 coronavirus on the African continent on Friday, February 14. The carrier of the disease is not Egyptian, said in a statement the spokesman for the ministry, Khaled Megahed, without specifying his nationality or gender.

The World Health Organization (WHO) was informed and the patient, who presented no “symptom”, was transferred to hospital and quarantined for treatment, according to Egyptian authorities. “The ministry has taken preventive measures and is monitoring the progress of the case (…) which has stabilized”, said Khaled Megahed again. WHO added that the patient's condition is “stable”.

It is the first case recorded in a country on the African continent, which has strong commercial links with China and where health systems are sometimes dilapidated. Egypt had suspended its national airline's flights with China from early February until the end of the month. In addition, about three hundred Egyptians had been evacuated in February from Wuhan, the Chinese city epicenter of the epidemic, and had been placed in quarantine for fourteen days.

The assessment of the epidemic of the new coronavirus approached the 1,400 deaths in China on Friday, which concentrates 99.9% of the deaths recorded in the world because of this virus. So far, only Japan and the Philippines have each reported a death on their territory.


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