Emergencies: Immersed in a service at the edge of the crisis

Mathias Wargon is the boss of the emergency department at the Saint-Denis hospital (Seine-Saint-Denis). France 2 spent 24 hours with this practitioner. That night, he consults a woman who says she is suffering from depression, arrested since July. She may consult a psychiatrist, but the wait is long warns the practitioner. To regulate emergencies, a system of three colors has been put in place. It makes it possible to classify cases, from the most serious to the most benign.

Mathias Wargon must then consult an SDF noted “orange”, his record is therefore a priority. The patient is transferred to gastroenterology, but often it is more complicated. The doctor has to deal with a cerebral hemorrhage, a vital emergency that requires a place in neurosurgery. Problem: no bed is available. It is then necessary to turn to the Samu who must play his role of switchman. Ordinary day in the emergency room.

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