Emmanuel Macron speaks live on the shortage of masks

According to the journalist Valérie Astruc present on the 13 Hours set, the speech of the President of the Republic will be a little less formal, but nevertheless essential. “After the Mulhouse hospital (Haut-Rhin,) Wednesday March 25, here it is on the front line of manufacturing medical equipment, which is sorely lacking”explains the journalist. Emmanuel Macron wants a general mobilization of the entire industrial apparatus to face shortages and speed up the pace. “The president will recall the rise of the production of masks”, continues Valérie Astruc.

Emmanuel Macron speaks directly from the Kolmi-Hopen factory in Angers in Maine-et-Loire. “We have a fight against this virus to fight and caregivers who are at the front every day. And obviously, protecting and equipping these caregivers is a challenge that we have known from the start (…) These are first masks, surgical masks or FFP2, we went from 4 million masks per week to 40 million ”said the President of the Republic. To deal with the crisis and obtain the 40 million masks needed per week, the government has made several decisions: massively import masks from China, and produce more in France.


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