empty terraces, deserted streets … Italy confines itself to stem the epidemic

Florence's main square is almost empty and the city terraces are neglected. Since Monday March 9, Italy, which decreed the general containment of its population, seems asleep. In Rome, the Colosseum is also deserted. In the streets of the capital, posters remind people that rallies are forbidden and the Romans are ordered to stay in their homes.

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This situation worries French nationals. “What is very impressive is the silence. It feels like people have realized how serious things are“says Françoise Bougault, expatriate in Rome. It is advisable to avoid travel, except for medical or professional reasons. Since Monday, the supermarkets have been taken by storm for fear of the shortage. Containment should continue until to April 3.

The Vice-President of the European Commission, Valdis Dombrovskis, welcomed on Tuesday the measures taken against the new coronavirus by Italy, which he said he was ready to support by “all means”. “We congratulate the Italian authorities on the very courageous measures they have taken”, said the Latvian Commissioner for the Economy at a press conference. “We know it will put the Italian people to the test, but it is better to take these bold steps now to protect as many people as possible from the virus”, he added.

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