enemies become friends after the fall of the wall

Thirty years after the fall of the Berlin wall on November 9, 1989, the remains of the wall and the emotion remain. In the heart of Germany, the wall is still there. A sign indicates the boundary, then the fence, concrete, barbed wire, and watchtowers. In the village of Modlareuth, the separation between the two Germanys is kept intact. But for the old border guards in the West and East, everything has changed. They who were forbidden to talk to each other are now very friends.

An unthinkable friendship during the cold war. Like Berlin, this city 300 km from the German capital was cut in half, straddling the FRG in the west and the GDR in the east. Four families had been separated, and communications prohibited by the communist regime in the East. “We had no contact on the other side. We just knew it was our class enemies“, says former German soldier GDR Henrich Wehr, neighbors of the same become enemies and then friends.The sixty-year history of Germany summarized in Modlareuth.

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