English football very worried about Brexit

Recruitment of foreign players, remuneration, attractiveness: Brexit causes great concern in the English football community. Clubs, players and lawyers have already started the big maneuvers to try to cope.

Around Stamford Bridge, the seat of the club of Chelsea, a face appears everywhere in four by three, that of the Frenchman N'Golo Kanté, become despite himself a symbol, the example of the player who could not have signed in England because of Brexit. If for the moment, no agreement is still in sight as the deadline of October 31 approaches, a “hard” Brexit could have consequences even in the middle of football. So obviously fans like Alan are worried. “I wonder how the Premier League will be able to continue, how it will do to continue to strengthen. There will be problems for players with visas and contracts so here everyone is worried. But hey, we can just watch and see what's going to happen. “

Because for the moment, it's the big blur. Nobody knows what rules will be applied for the players of the European Union: the English Federation wants to take advantage of the end of free circulation to harden the criteria for obtaining work permits in football and thus favor local players. But clubs are cautious about tackling the subject publicly. Of the ten or so clubs contacted, none wanted to answer. One of them explained to be ashamed, another answered that the subject was too sensitive, too political.

Behind the scenes, however, we activate. Lawyers' battles are multiplying studies on the economic and sporting impact of Brexit in football. Above all, they are trying to get an agreement with the English Federation, says Owen Jones, Sheridans law firm's sports immigration lawyer.

We have negotiations right now between the Premier League, the clubs and the English Federation and the government to loosen the rules.Owen Jones, lawyerat franceinfo

“I hope that solutions are supposed to be found so that we can continue to recruit the best players, the best technicians in Europe”, Worries the lawyer.

The English championship has forged its success on the purchase of the best European players with a Premier League composed again this season of more than 65% of foreigners. But players are beginning to hesitate to enter England, says Thierry Granturco. Lawyer, he works with twenty agents of players.

At equal offer today, when there is a big Spanish club or a big English club approaching you, either you negotiate some stupendous securities with the English club or you go to Spain because there, there is no risk.Thierry Granturco, lawyerat franceinfo

“There are players today who, for sporting reasons, for fear of not playing in England, prefer to go to other European championships”, recognizes the lawyer.

And when players decide to stay in England, they are now negotiating clauses, especially in euros, to prevent a devaluation of the pound. All contracts are being rewritten, explains Thierry Granturco. “Once again, we do not see clearly, so the player wants to secure his remuneration and to do nothing better than to negotiate a contract in euros.The players who negotiate an extension today make their new contract covers issues related to Brexit “.

Another problem that worries much across the Channel: with Brexit, English clubs could no longer freely recruit young European talent aged 16 to 18, a practice on which the Premier League was built. Still, Owen Jones can not see the English league system crumbling like that. “I can not imagine that we can not compromise to not kill the golden egg hen that is the Premier League,” laments Owen Jones. Because the issue is not just about football games. The Premier League, the richest league in the world, generates more than 8 billion and a half euros of revenue.


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