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Green as far as the eye can see. The park covers 250,000 hectares and straddles two departments: Côte-d'Or and Haute-Marne. Its particularity is its forests of oaks and beeches which shelter an extremely rich ecosystem. There are some species of rare animals, such as the black stork, which is difficult to approach. There are also some iconic plants like an orchid called “the hoof of Venus”.

A label both expected and contested

This territory becomes the eleventh national park of France, the forest park. It took ten years for him to officially see the light of day. Some farmers and hunters were there and are still opposed to it. For an organic breeder, however, the label is a bargain. “It could be the opportunity to create a new sector, develop short circuits, have tourism coming and therefore consumers”defended Sylvain Boulangeot, host of the House of the forest in June 2017. It is also the hope of many elected officials of this difficult territory.

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