Epstein case: Prince Andrew's accuser denounces “ridiculous apology”

The American who claims to have been forced to have sex with Prince Andrew under the influence of financier Jeffrey Epstein speaks. Virginia Giuffre, née Roberts, gave an interview to the BBC broadcast Monday night.

She explains that she was introduced to the second son of Queen Elizabeth II, eighth in the order of succession to the throne, by Jeffrey Epstein and his girlfriend at the time, Ghislaine Maxwell, during a nightclub trip, where the prince invited her to dance:

“It was horrible and this guy kept sweating on me,” detailed one who was then only 17 years old. She claims to have been forced to have sex with him later in the evening, then on two other occasions in New York and on the private Caribbean island of Jeffrey Epstein, who has since been suicide in prison.

“I felt dirty”

“It was disgusting,” she continues. “He was not mean or anything, but he got up, he said thank you and he left, I sat on the bed, horrified and ashamed, I felt dirty and I had to get up and I'm going to take a shower The next day, Ghislaine told me that I had done a very good job. “

“It was a very scary time in my life,” she continues in tears. I had just been assaulted by a member of the royal family (…) Those people of power were my chains. I did not know what could happen, and I could not understand how those at the highest level of government and those in power could authorize that and not just allow it, but participate in it. “

The prince had “categorically” denied these accusations at the end of October in an interview deemed disastrous on the BBC that pushed him to withdraw from public life. He argued that an illness prevented him from sweating and that he did not remember meeting this young woman. About a photograph where he held it by the hip, the Duke of York had previously claimed to have no memory, insinuating that it had been retouched.

“The people involved will obviously continue to use the ridiculous excuses that their arm was extended or that the photo was retouched,” says Virginia Roberts in the interview. “It's bullshit!”, She insurgent. “He knows what happened, I know what happened, and only one of us is telling the truth.”

“I implore the British to support me, to help me fight this fight, not to accept (…) the story of (sexual) abuse that concerns your royal family,” Virginia Roberts concludes.

No criminal investigation

Since filming this one-hour BBC program, Buckingham Palace has stated that Andrew “unequivocally regretted (his) misguided association with Jeffrey Epstein”, but “categorically denied that the Duke of York had any contact or sexual relationship with Virginia Roberts “. The British police confirmed last week that there would be no criminal investigation in the UK.

Prince Andrew may, however, be brought to justice. The lawyer of the five women who accuse him of abusing them told the British channel that he was considering subpoenas so that the Duke of York would be compelled to testify in the five cases.


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