Epstein case: The lawyer of alleged victims wants to hear Prince Andrew

The lawyer for several alleged Jeffrey Epstein victims, Lisa Bloom, wants to hear from British Prince Andrew about his past ties with the US financier, accused of sexually exploiting underage girls years before likely committing suicide in prison.

“We believe that no one is above the law and that anyone should answer questions if they have relevant information, and he (Prince Andrew) clearly has relevant information,” said Lisa Bloom, this Thursday, at BBC Radio 4.

Prince Andrew “ready to help” Epstein investigation

Wednesday night Prince Andrew, second son of Queen Elizabeth II, mired in a controversy over the Epstein case and dropped by many companies and universities with whom he worked, announced “put an end to its public commitments” and said “ready to help” the investigation into this case.

“We know that Prince Andrew has had many contacts with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell (accused by several victims of having” recruited “them) and we believe that anyone who has had a lot of interactions with them should not only talk to the forces of order, but also to the victims' lawyers, people like me, “said Lisa Bloom, who represents five alleged victims of Epstein.

She called “staff working for Prince Andrew to provide information and evidence” such as emails, calendars and travel diaries.

A lack of empathy strongly criticized

In his statement, Andrew, who was blamed for his lack of regret for his friendship with Epstein and empathy for the alleged victims, said he “unequivocally regrets (his) misguided association with Jeffrey Epstein” and “deeply sympathizes with all the people affected “by the affair.

The lawyer pointed out the difference between this press release, “that she was probably helped to write”, and her interview broadcast Saturday on the BBC“where for almost an hour he showed no empathy for the victims” and “completely lacked credibility in his answers,” she said.

The disgrace of the Duke of York was once again on the British newspapers on Thursday. “Sorry mom,” headlined the Daily Mirror by publishing a photo of the prince in a car after an interview with the queen at Buckingham Palace, according to the tabloid. For the Daily Mailhe became the “pariah” of the British royal family, while the other newspapers evoked his “shame” and his humiliation after the announcement of his withdrawal from public life.


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