Even the Pirelli calendar is canceled

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The unprecedented urgency of the coronavirus forced the Italian giant to abandon its traditional calendar in 2021. The group also announces donating 100,000 euros with its project “The Cal” for the fight against the epidemic.

It hadn't happened since 1983. The famous sexy calendar Pirelli cancels its 2021 edition. As reported, the Italian group specializing in the production of tires has decided to cancel its 2021 calendar due to the coronavirus crisis. An announcement made by its director Marco Tronchetti Provera. He recalls that “the production of the Pirelli calendar was stopped before, in 1967 then from 1975 to 1983”.

“The unprecedented urgency of Covid-19 forced us to do it again today. We will come back to the project when the time comes, with the people who worked with us today,” said the director of the Italian giant. . Indeed, faced with the pandemic, Pirelli has also decided to mobilize by announcing that the group was making a donation of 100,000 euros with its project “The Cal” for the fight against the coronavirus. The traditional advertising calendar of photos consecrating female beauty being organized each year a year in advance and produced by famous photographers, the 2021 edition is therefore already canceled due to exceptional circumstances.

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As a reminder, the 2020 calendar was devoted to the theme of Romeo and Juliet, but without Romeo. Pirelli had succeeded in asking famous actresses such as Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart or Claire Foy. Each of them interpreted the Shakespearean heroine Juliette Capulet as an independent woman, with no Romeo on the horizon. A feminist way to revisit the key work of William Shakespeare. The photos of this 47th edition were taken for the occasion by Italian fashion photographer Paolo Roversi between Paris and Verona last May. There will therefore be no 48th edition.



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