ex-FBI agent Robert Levinson died in custody

This retired FBI agent disappeared in mysterious circumstances in 2007 in Iran.

Retired FBI agent Robert Levinson of the United States who disappeared in mysterious circumstances in 2007 in Iran, is “died while detained” by Iranian authorities, his family announced in a statement Wednesday, March 25. “We recently received information from American officials who led us, as well as us, to conclude that our wonderful husband and father died while he was detained by the Iranian authorities”she said.

Without being able to give the causes or the date of death, the family only estimated that it had occurred before the Covid-19 epidemic. The US government did not react immediately.

American Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo last week called on Tehran to “release immediately” all American nationals face the threat of coronavirus in its prisons. “We also ask the regime to honor its commitment to work with the United States to achieve the return of Robert Levinson”, he insisted.

The administration of Donald Trump, who made the release of his nationals “hostages” or “unjustly detained” a priority abroad, had repeatedly displayed its determination to “locate” Bob Levinson so he “may come in”. Earlier, in early 2016, the previous administration of Barack Obama had said it thought Robert Levinson was no longer in Iran.

A reward of five million dollars had been announced for any information that could have led to his location and his return to the United States.

His family accused the Iranian authorities of having “lied to the world all this time” assuring that he did not know what had happened to this ex-FBI agent. “They kidnapped a foreign national and deprived him of his fundamental rights, his blood is on their hands”, lambasted the family, also attacking “those who, in the American government, have abandoned him for so many years”.


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