Facebook claims to have deleted 5.4 billion fake accounts since the beginning of the year

That's more than double last year at the same time, when 2.1 billion accounts were wiped out by the company.

Since the beginning of the year, Facebook claims to have deleted 5.4 billion fake user accounts. This is more than double last year at the same period (2.1 billion). The figure was revealed by the company in its bi-annual report on transparency, Wednesday, November 13. Only from January to March, he claims to have deleted 2.2 billion accounts, which is a record to date. “As we block more and more false accounts even before they are created, we have fewer and fewer to disable, and our interventions have decreased since the first quarter”, says the firm.

The social networking giant explains having “improved its ability to detect and block” account creations “false or abusive” to the point of preventing millions of attempts every day.

After manipulation operations in the US elections of 2016, mainly orchestrated from Russia, Facebook and other social platforms have reacted with an arsenal of measures gradually deployed since 2018 to fight against false accounts and misinformation, both in content shared by users only in advertisements.

Facebook is also stepping up efforts, including transparency, to restore trust with its users, especially to governments seeking to exercise greater control over its applications and data.

This report indicates that US authorities have made more than 50,000 queries to obtain data from Facebook users from January to June 2019. This figure is up 23% over the previous semester. In the majority of cases, these are legal requests, based on court decisions, but they can also be“emergency room”.

“If a request seems unjustified or too broad, we defend ourselves and fight it in the courts if necessary.” We do not provide “back doors” opening up people's information. “, insists Facebook. In the first half of the year, requests from governments rose by 16% to more than 128,000 in all, with India and the United Kingdom in second and third place, followed by Germany and France.


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