Faced with declining reserves, the French Blood Establishment calls for donations

The French Blood Establishment warns: the situation is “extremely worrying” at the moment and blood donations are sorely lacking, reports The Parisian. The institution calls for a “strong mobilization of the French” to maintain the blood supply at an adequate level.

“The blood reserves are below the alert threshold. At the moment we have 25% less collection than normal. It is a rare situation. This situation applies to all of France”, explains Stéphane Noël , regional director Ile-de-France of the EFS, quoted by the daily.

“If the current stocks still allow us to cope, the concern is real for the next few weeks, because the current collection is low, even as operations in hospitals resume, in this period of deconfinement. Previously, with the Covid- 19, many interventions had been postponed “, continues Stéphane Noël.

How to explain the drop in donations?

The health crisis partly explains the weakness of blood donations. “A quarter of our mobile collections are made in businesses or in university centers. However, at the moment, people are much less at work or study, and they are more complicated to organize,” says the director. Ile-de-France regional office of the EFS.

But, paradoxically, it was especially after the deconfinement that the fall was felt. “During the confinement, people had more time in front of them. And in the villages in particular, they continued to donate. But since May 11, they have regained their freedom more and somewhat forgotten to go and donate their blood,” notes Stéphane Noël.

How to donate blood?

However, everything has been put in place to allow the French to donate blood, in compliance with health rules. Very strict hygiene measures apply in order to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus.

“Wearing a mask is compulsory for donors and professionals, and we have set up an appointment system to avoid queues. This also avoids the risk of virus transmission,” explains Stéphane Noël.

To make an appointment, just go to the website of the French Blood Establishment, on the “online appointment” tab.


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