facing the cartels, helpless Mexican authorities

It's a tough arrest. Mexican authorities unveiled images of the arrest of the son of El Chapo, the former drug trafficker in the United States since 2017. At age 28, Ovidio Guzmán took over the leadership of the cartel with his brothers. While in the hands of the police, his men opened fire in retaliation throughout their fiefdoms of Culiacán against the police. War scenes that killed 13 people, including four civilians. The violence is such that the policemen, overwhelmed, end up accepting the unthinkable: they release Ovidio Guzmán.

A situation that resonates like a confession of powerlessness of Mexican power. Faced with criticism, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador tried to justify himself: “The most important thing was to prevent other people from losing their lives”. In 2015, El Chapo had already ridiculed the Mexican authorities leaving his cell through a tunnel dug by accomplices.

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