“Fight against Islamist forces abroad is to prevent these fighters from arriving on the territory”

During an operation in Mali, Brigadier Ronan Pointeau was killed on Saturday, November 2nd. Should France stay in this area of ​​the Sahel or leave it as did the United States? Jordan Bardella, spokesman for the National Rally, is the guest of Francis Letellier. “It must remain there because we intervened in Mali at the request of the Malian government which is an allied government, and which also sees in its territory to multiply militias and Islamist factions”, says the spokesperson. “Fight against the Islamist forces and the enemy forces of France abroad is to prevent that these fighters arrive on the French territory”.

Finally, France gave the green light to the merger between PSA and Fiat. “I'm always careful about these mergers because French economic history has shown (…) that French groups were systematically eating”, continues Jordan Bardella.


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