Fileyeur blocked, harvest oysters, druids mobilized … One day in France from Saturday, November 9

It is a show that attracts onlookers to Lacanau (Gironde). A gillnet, a fishing catamaran, has been stuck since Wednesday, November 6th after an engine failure. To try to extract it from the sand, a tug pulls it during the tide. After three hours of delicate maneuvers, it was finally put back on the water on Saturday.

On the island of Noirmoutier (Vendée), seasonal workers who come to pick oysters before the holidays fail to find accommodation. So some oyster farmers use foreign labor. “The understanding is certainly more delicate, but we still get to understand each other”, says Jacques-Étienne Sourbier, oyster farmer. In a public garden in Lannion (Côtes-d'Armor), mysterious druids opposed the felling of old trees on Saturday, November 9th. A court decision is expected next summer.

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