Filipino women find gold at the risk of their lives

In the north of the Philippines, there are women with incredible courage. Gold diggers who take all the risks to feed their families, in galleries where accidents are however frequent. They scratch the earth in search of the famous nuggets. In the dark, folded in two, tens or even hundreds of meters, with a headlamp and a chisel for only materials, it rushes into tunnels.

Here, there are some golden dust. We collect stones and earth that could contain themDeborah, who works with her husband, says, “They've spent their days in these mines for thirteen years, the galleries are extremely friable, the danger is everywhere.”Let's hurry up, it's scary here, we have to leave“, says the researcher of gold, there are hundreds of illegal mines, they are dug by the inhabitants themselves.These unexploited lands contain the second largest gold reserve in the world.There are tens of thousands of women to work, hoping to find a vein that will protect the family from need.

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