Finding the way to the beach for surfers after the Fukushima incident

Koji Suzuki is a surfer. He lost everything on March 11, 2011 when a tsunami, triggered by an underwater earthquake, devastated the northeast coast of Japan, causing the Fukushima nuclear incident and the pollution of land and water.

“My house was devastated by the tsunami, I lost my job and my shop”, he laments. But quickly, this 64-year-old surfer found his beach in Minamisona, about thirty kilometers from Fukushima. “Even if the surroundings were in a disastrous state, the sea was still beautiful. I was of course worried about the radiation, but we did tests and there was no problem. I said to myself, if you don't go, this shore will be dead forever “, recalls Koji Suzuki. Minamisona Beach was officially reopened to visitors last summer, and surfing will make its debut as an Olympic discipline at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 but not here.


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