firefighters, private firefighters protect the homes of the richest

The flames continue to ravage the state of California, where new fires broke out Thursday, October 31, near Los Angeles. In total, a dozen fires are active in the region. And in the face of this risk, not all people are equal: some, the richest, benefit from the services of private firefighters, who only protect their homes. A France 2 team followed them in their mission.

Our only goal is to save this house and prevent it from burning“Assumes Ken Kirk, one of those private firefighters, who rub shoulders with state firefighters on the ground. “If the house next door burns and it threatens domino effect to contaminate ours, then yes, we will act at the neighbors, otherwise we will do nothing.” He explains being mandated by an insurance company.

For state firefighters, the work of these confreres is not always positive. “If ever these private firefighters find themselves trapped by the flames, I will have to divert ways to save them”says one of their leaders, Major Rich Harvey.

The role of the fire mercenaries, who have existed for years, has become increasingly controversial since last year, when huge fires had already occurred in California, and that private firefighters had saved the house from flames. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. A service that costs around 8,000 euros a year, exercised by more than 12,000 people in the United States.

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