Fires in California: the region flares up

Since this morning (Monday, 28th of October) we see black skies that darken the sun“says Loïc de la Mornais, a correspondent present in northern California and on the road to Los Angeles.The fire that started one week ago, ravages California and its wineries.”So, fortunately, so these are wine-growing regions, sparsely populated, which explains why there is no human assessment to date“, nuance Loïc de la Mornais.

But the worst is it to come? On the way to Los Angeles, Loïc de la Mornais says “it's another pair of sleeve. It is a huge region that is the size of the Île-de-France with thirteen million inhabitants. Firefighters fight against the flames. There are evacuations (…) (as) Arnold Schwarzenegger and others“Meanwhile, Loïc de la Mornais ensures that the famous Getty museum, containing works by Van Goth, has a”an effective fire-fighting system“as the flames approach.

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