Fishing, eggplant, drops of water … These emojis that Facebook wants to censor

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Facebook wants to ban some emojis from its social network, as well as its affiliate Instagram. The reason ? Their diversion for sexual purposes. We are talking about the peach emoji, the eggplant and the emoticon drops of water. As reported West FranceMark Zuckerberg's company has therefore changed its “behavior to be adopted” charter in its “Facebook community standards”. In some contexts, the emojis mentioned above will therefore be prohibited. Facebook now wants to censor “emojis or series of emojis generally considered sexual” in a context of “explicit sexual solicitation”.

This will include the use of these emojis in publications of a sexual nature, which can be studied and deleted later. Photos that use these emojis to hide private parts are also affected. This new policy of Facebook is not in fact intended to reduce the freedom of expression of its users, but rather to fight against the promotion of offers of sex workers. Indeed, the social network wants to avoid offers of prostitution disguised.

Fight against prostitution

“We establish (…) a limit when the content facilitates, encourages or coordinates sexual encounters between adults.” We also limit the sexually explicit language that can lead to solicitation, as some groups within our global community may be sensitive. to this type of content or have a direct impact on their ability to communicate with their friends and the community in general, “says the social network.

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So, rest assured, Facebook wants to ban these emojis or series of emojis, but only if they are linked to an offer or a request for sex. It is therefore possible to post content with these emojis on the social network, the censorship only applies to the promotion of sex workers or the dissemination of pornographic content.


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