Floods: Venice under the water, a heritage in peril

The water had not reached such levels since 1966. It's been 24 hours since Venice (Italy) fought against an exceptional tide on Wednesday 13 November. In the city center, 80% of homes were flooded and entire neighborhoods were submerged. Venetians save what they can in very difficult conditions. Some emblematic places have suffered a lot. On the banks of the Grand Canal, boats were propelled on the docks. On St. Mark's Square, turned into a lake much of the day, the Venetians tried to push back the tide. The mythical Caffè Florian will be closed for an indefinite period.

The situation is even more delicate in St. Mark's Basilica. The church, which dates from the eleventh century, was invaded by the waves. The crypt is totally drowned. The damage is considerable on mosaics and marbles. The pumping operations will be very complex, but are urgent because the salt water infiltrates the walls. All night from Tuesday to Wednesday, the sirens sounded. Venice had to face a rare phenomenon made of conjunctions of high tides, heavy rains and gusting wind. Two people died at home. The phenomenon of rising waters should resume the night of Wednesday to Thursday, around 60 cm of water in St. Mark's Square. That's why bridges have already been installed and tourists are called to caution.

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