Foreigners' access to care: towards a waiting period of 3 months?

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Édouard Philippe would think of limiting access to care for asylum seekers. According to Matignon, the Prime Minister will unveil measures “by mid-November” following the debate on immigration that took place in early October in Parliament. Among them, the JDD ensures that the former should concern access to care for foreigners. Government objective, fight against abuses in this area. The weekly ensures that the proposal for a mandatory three-month waiting period before an asylum seeker can benefit from universal protection for illness has been validated by the Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn. “The idea is to align the system with the French returning from abroad, who suffer this delay”, justifies the entourage of the minister.

This system of waiting period introduced by regulation will be completed by an amendment to the draft budget bill, filed before November 4, to ensure a minimum of urgent care during this waiting period. A restriction of access to care for asylum seekers justified by Dominique da Silva, LREM (Val-d'Oise) MP, in charge of these issues. “There is a deviation of the Puma by people who benefit from the reimbursement of care from the time of filing their asylum application while they do not seek at all this status,” says the deputy in the JDD.

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In the same logic of limiting access to care for foreigners, the Minister of Health would also be in favor of setting up a prior agreement of the Social Security before reimbursement for care, out of emergencies, of the type of prosthesis who are covered by State Medical Aid (MEA) for illegal aliens. “If we realize that the consumption of some care by the beneficiaries of the MEA is out of the ordinary compared to the rest of the population, we will question,” says the department. On this prior agreement of the Social Security, the decision remains linked to the report on the MEA of the General Inspectorate of Social Affairs and the General Inspectorate of Finance, which should be delivered soon.


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