France 3 Burgundy denounces a “montage of his images” by the National Gathering

The TV channel France 3 Bourgogne denounced the use of a “reductive and oriented montage” of some of its images showing urban violence, picked up by the President of the National Marine Le Pen Rally on Twitter.

“The video agglomerates and amalgams nine excerpts from France 3 Burgundy.The most distressing elements were deliberately chosen and juxtaposed without any context or chronology”, according to France 3, which states that “no request has been made for the reuse “of these images.

The montage shows cars in flames, charred furniture

Tweet Wednesday by Marine Le Pen, the assembly shows cars in flames, carbonized street furniture or interviews of residents complaining of insecurity in Chenove, a city in the suburbs of Dijon affected in recent months by episodes of violence urban.

“Cities like Chenôve, where the scum imposes its law and terrorizes the inhabitants, there are dozens and dozens … (…) It is possible to put these thugs in order and to end the laxity” commented the President of the National Gathering.

For the TV channel, Marine Le Pen “pirate (these) images”. “All the elements of explanation have been removed, all of which sends back an agonizing image that corresponds to the message that the President of the National Gathering wants to convey”. Some images are not linked to urban violence.

The city of Chenôve is affected by urban violence since a few months

France 3 still notes that the video was first published Wednesday by a surfer working for the group Rassemblement nationale at the Regional Council of Burgundy Franche-Comté, before being taken over by Marine Le Pen.

“The illegal reuse of images without permission, partially and with a partisan objective diverts the work of an entire editorial”, according to France 3, which states that “the legal service of France Televisions will initiate the legal action it deems necessary “. Contacted by AFP, the RN had not reacted Friday morning.

The city of Chenôve, near Dijon, has been affected for several months by episodes of urban violence, which affect several towns in the Dijon area. PS Mayor of Dijon François Rebsamen recently denounced an upsurge of “unbearable criminal acts” and called for the reinforcement of the national police force in the metropolis.


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