France in the footsteps of Italy

Friday March 13, the toll of the Covid-19 in Italy continues to weigh down heavily with 250 dead more than Thursday. All shops, except those selling basic necessities, are closed. So why has France not taken such measures? “The occurrence of Covid-19 was earlier in Italy. The first Italian case was diagnosed on February 16, while in France, it was eight days later, on February 24“, explains journalist Jean-Christophe Batteria on the set of 19/20.

Thereafter, all the major stages will follow at the same pace, always with these eight days apart. “The milestone of 1,000 confirmed cases was reached on February 29 in Italy. It will be March 8 in France. Always the same difference for the 2,000 cases, March 3 in Italy, and March 11 with us“continues the journalist. As for government measures, there is always a gap between the two countries, such as the closure of theaters, cinemas, swimming pools, or even public transport.

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