Francis Ford Coppola prepares a great film about the utopia called “Megalopolis”

Francis Ford Coppola works on the project of his life, a film about utopia with a great love story. A $ 30 million project called “Megalopolis”.

Francis Ford Coppola said Saturday that he was working on a pharaonic project he has been thinking for several decades: Megalopolis, a film “about utopia”, which he defines as “more ambitious thanApocalypse Now“.

“I worked on Megalopolis twenty years ago. I really tried, I wanted to make a film about utopia, about what heaven is really about on earth “, explained the American film giant at a press conference in Lyon, where he received the Lumiere Award for his entire career.

“I have a screenplay, and I think it gets closer to what I want, as I approach the goal for the first time”added the 80-year-old director, who had abandoned the project following the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States, before resuming it. “I would say it's my most ambitious film, even more ambitious thanApocalypse Now cult film about the Vietnam War, Palme d'Or at Cannes in 1979.

“I think it will cost more than'Apocalypse Now', which had a budget of $ 30 million at the time, he added. “This is the problem”, he acknowledged, because it's a movie “at the Marvel scale” in terms of production. “I must find how to get there.”

This film, in which an architect tries to build a utopian vision of New York, destroyed by a cataclysm, tells the story “of a man who has a vision of the future” and talks about “conflict” between this vision and the “traditions of the past”. With a love story too. “I've always wanted to make a big love affair, and I've never done it, but I'd like to do it before I leave”, he said.

Asked about Martin Scorsese, who said that super-hero movies like Marvel Studios were not “no cinema”, Francis Ford Coppola felt that Scorsese had “Reason”.

“Cinema is expected to bring us something, enlightenment, knowledge, inspiration”he continued. “I do not think anyone removes anything from always seeing the same movie, Martin was nice to say it was not cinema, he did not say it was despicable, but I say. “


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