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Sophie Lévy-Ayoun / Capital

The figure of the day: 1 million euros. This is the annual turnover limit set by the government to benefit from the suspension of invoices and rents. As part of the emergency bill, the State allows businesses, the self-employed, the liberal professions and micro-entrepreneurs affected by the health crisis to defer their water and energy bills, as well as their rents. The measure is therefore aimed at professionals achieving a maximum of € 1 million in turnover and who are experiencing an administrative closure or who will have experienced a loss of turnover of more than 70% by March 2020, by report for the month of March 2019. Individuals are in no way affected by this aid.

Practical information Capital. If you had decided to give your life insurance policy some pep by placing stocks in it, you have probably been disillusioned since … the crisis having passed there. Several solutions are now available to you. Do not touch your contract, arbitrate your equity units of account (UC) towards more secure UCs, such as bond funds, or even sell your contract… at a loss. In addition, you may not know it, but in some cases you can recover your bet by using your surrender ability. If you act within 30 calendar days of the opening of your contract, your insurer is obliged to reimburse you, including the costs. To do this, use the registered letter (physical or electronic), with request for acknowledgment of receipt. Find more details on our site.

The hangover of the day is pushed by Nicolas Marques against France’s lack of anticipation and reactivity to the coronavirus epidemic. In a column for Capital, the director general of the Molinari economic institute deplores the failing management of our country in the current crisis. “The figures show that there was no shortage of money, but that it was not in the right places,” said the expert. Planes on health prevention budgets, dependence on foreign production, inconsistent taxation … there are many failures. “France has been unable to improve the efficiency of our public spending, we have spent the last few years veiling our heads,” considers Nicolas Marques.

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