French justice releases libertarian anti-globalization activist Vincenzo Vecchi, claimed by Italian authorities

He had been arrested in Morbihan last August, where he was working and working as a house painter.

Wanted since the Genoa G8 in 2001, the Italian Vincenzo Vecchi was arrested last August in Morbihan. Friday, November 15, his release was ordered by theCourt of Appeal of Rennes, which found “Irregularity” of the European Arrest Warrant concerning his conviction for events in Genoa during the G8 of 2001. The An anti-globalization activist was claimed by the Italian authorities since his arrest.

In 2009, Vincenzo Vecchi had been cHe was sentenced to twelve and a half years of imprisonment by the Genoa Court of Appeal for the events of the 2001 G8 summit. But he has never served his sentence because he has been in hiding for almost eighteen years. . His arrest and incarceration had also aroused great emotion in Rochefort-en-Terre (Morbihan), where he was installed and worked as a house painter.

He was finally arrested on the basis of two European arrest warrants, one for the events in Genoa, the other for a sentence following a demonstration in Milan against the far right in 2006. At a hearing on October 24, his lawyers said that there were many procedural flaws in the case. The Rennes Court of Appeal had at that time indicated that the sentence concerning Milan had been “fully purged”, thus confirming the arguments of Vincenzo Vecchi's lawyers who had challenged the arrest warrant for this four-year prison sentence.

However, the Advocate General “had no reason to refuse the handover” to the Italian authorities, recalling that Vincenzo Vecchi still had to serve a sentence of eleven and a half years in prison and that he would be imprisoned under ordinary law and not a special regime for prisoners convicted of terrorism. At the hearing, the anti-globalization activist had denounced a “policy of stalking and revenge”.


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