French people among Europe's most critical of government, but all Europeans fear job after crisis: poll

Two-thirds of French people believe that the government has not been up to the situation, while on average in Europe (outside France), 51% of those questioned believe that their government has managed to manage the crisis.

The French are among the most critical in Europe towards their government on the management of the health crisis of coronavirus. This is what emerged from the Odoxa-Dentsu Consulting survey for Franceinfo and Le Figaro published Sunday.
Two-thirds of French people (66%) believe that the government has not lived up to the situation, while on average in Europe (outside France), 51% of those questioned believe that their government has managed to crisis.

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In detail, the French are as critical as the Spanish (67% of unfavorable opinions). Conversely, six out of ten Germans (60%) and more than six out of ten Britons (63%) vote for their executive. In Italy, which has long been the most affected European country, half of those polled (50%) positively judge their government.

The French are also more severe against their fellow citizens. When two thirds of Europeans (64%) think that the population has behaved well, 61% of French people have a reverse judgment. On the other hand, the French favor 75% the attitude of their mayors (58% on average in Europe). And almost seven out of ten French people (69%) positively judge the posture of companies, when 64% of Europeans share the same judgment on their own.

In detail, three-quarters of French people criticize the government for not telling them the truth (75%), for not having made the right decisions at the right time (74%) or for not having done what it was necessary to properly equip hospitals and caregivers in the face of the epidemic (76%). The executive was also not clear, nor showed that it knew where it was going for 76% of the French. In comparison, the Europeans questioned for this poll are much less strict with their governments. They are on average almost one in two to trust their leaders, between 43% and 46% depending on the criteria.

But more than six in ten Europeans (62%) believe that their leaders have taken the measure of the gravity of the situation, when only 45% of the French have this feeling. They are also the most negative Europeans. If the Spanish have appreciably the same appreciation of their leaders (47% think that the Spanish government has not taken the measure of the situation), six British out of ten (60%), almost seven Italians out of ten (68%) and more than seven in ten Germans (72%) quit their governments for having taken the correct measure of the gravity of the situation. It is besides the Germans who systematically trust their executive the most.

According to this survey, Europeans agree on one point. They all lived fairly well, even very well, the confinement. 83% of Europeans (excluding French) have experienced this confinement fairly well (65%) or very well (18%). The French have the same perception. Eight in ten (80%) have a good or very good understanding of staying at home as much as possible.

Europeans and French people, on the other hand, are much less confident about their situation after confinement. Almost a third of Europeans (32%) and 28% of French people fear losing their jobs because of the Covid-19 crisis. The Spanish are the most pessimistic (43%). 38% of Italians also say they are worried. However, only 17% of Germans admit their fear for their professional future.

This Odoxa-Dentsu Consulting survey for franceinfo and Le Figaro was carried out by internet on May 5 and 6, 2020 for the French, and from April 30 to May 4, 2020 for the Europeans, on a sample of 1,005 French people representative of the French population. aged 18 and over, and from a total sample of 3,005 Europeans (1,005 French + 500 British, 500 Spanish, 500 German and 500 Italian).


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