From journalist to skipper, he tells about his life change

In 2013, Fabrice formalized for the first time his desire to change his life. He writes a letter to his wife in which he explains that he wants to leave for the Vendée Globe. “When I get home in the evening, she says, 'Go on',” he says. While a journalist in Paris on sabbatical, he decided to embark on his first Vendée Globe, sailing around the world. He finished the race in early 2017, after 103 days of solo sailing. When he returns, there is no longer any doubt: he does not want to go back to his writing. “It is true that to leave the Figaro and become skipper to make the Vendée Globe, it is not only to remove the journalist's outfit and put the wax and go to sea, in fact it is a true Copernican revolution in my life“exclaims Fabrice.

To live great adventures on the oceans, it is also the necessity of training to use the boats, to build a team and to find financing. For Fabrice, it's the “galley of any leader, any business creatorFabrice had to mortgage his house, especially to finance his boat.

Passionate about his job as an investigative journalist, he always had the urge to go off again, just back in Paris. “It's more of a call and the urge to do something other than being disappointed by a life that was dull“says the skipper, so Fabrice had to make some choices.”It's like a call, it's almost mystical“, he says.I wanted to leave to confront myself, to overtake myself and to traverse the oceanic immensity“, concludes the former journalist.


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