from these weekend videos on social media, I see the police differently

Spanish police dance and sing on the street. (TWITTER SCREENSHOT)

Normally, on Monday, when we find ourselves at work, we wonder: “Did you have a good weekend?” One says : “Yes and you ?” And often it stops there. Even if we love each other, we don’t tell the story of our weekend, we don’t have the time, the courage not the desire. We don't say, for example, that we tried to play Yann Tiersen on the piano, that we had an aperitif Skype and that everyone was talking at the same time so that we didn't understand much, we didn't Do not tell yourself that we sent photos of us, child, to pass the time, or that we received a message from our uncle who arrives after the war and who tells us: “Look at this video! It's funny! The guy bikes on his balcony!” No, we don't usually say that.

We're going to the basics, and the basics for me this weekend are videos of police officers on social media. A bunch of videos that made me smile.

First the Spanish:

French police also danced in the 18th arrondissement of Paris:

Yes, the robot dance. It’s a bit has been in 2020 but we gladly forgive him. I also loved the punchline of this policeman at our colleagues in France 3:

But the palm goes to our Belgian neighbors. They put that, fully in their car, open windows:

“Stay at home, even if spring is singing”, broadcast from the police car in the streets. The parody of Cloclo is worth the detour so I put it to you and I hope that you too had a good weekend!

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