Gastronomy: the best cheese in the world is American

While it is common to think that France is the champion country of cheese, the world title was won by an American producer at the World Cheese Awards, annual cheese mass. It is therefore a blue from the United States that has been sacred, and only a tricolor cheese ranks in the top fifteen. All were preceded by the Rogue River Blue. “What makes its difference is its organic dairy cream and its signature of course: the vine leaves soaked in pear liqueur“, proudly describes the producer of the best cheese in the world.

In the Italian competition, more than 3,500 varieties were presented, separated by 235 experts from all over the world. In a market in Lyon (Rhône), the American victory seems to remain in the throats of customers. “French cheeses are the best“, slice one of them and too bad if an American product has won:”There are mistakes in the world, it happens“He smiles, and the cheesemongers are fine players.”As long as we respect the traditional production, the cheeses they are here or elsewhere can be good“admits a professional.

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