Germany wants to protect itself from the Haut-Rhin

The Haut-Rhin is one of the centers of contamination of Covid-19 in France. The Germans are concerned about this health situation so close to their border. “For the moment, border posts remain open, there is no particular control, but the French are no longer really welcome in Germany. The region bordering on the other side of the Rhine considers Alsace and particularly the Haut-Rhin as risk areas“, explains journalist Thomas Cuny, duplex since Village-Neuf (Haut-Rhin).

Cross-border workers are invited to stay at home and observe a quarantine period of at least two weeks. Pupils schooled in Germany are also affected. A home nurse presents to her patients. It must reassure and inform. “I prefer that they ask me a multitude of questions so that I can calm them down and reassure them“She estimates. For Monday, March 9, 1,900 calls were recorded at the Samu in Mulhouse, four times more than a normal day.

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