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Alphabet, the parent company of Google, this year tackled sexual harassment cases at the world's No. 1 search engine. Accused by the press and shareholders have covered cases of harassment, Alphabet has indeed initiated in early 2019 an internal investigation on the subject, revealed Wednesday the US media CNBC. “The board has formed an independent subcommittee for this investigation and contracted a law firm to assist and contact the alleged victims of these harassment, according to documents we consulted,” CNBC said on Wednesday.

“In early 2019, Alphabet's board of directors set up a special committee to evaluate shareholder charges in various lawsuits related to workplace behavior,” confirmed a spokesperson for Alphabet. . In November 2018, from Singapore to London and the group's headquarters in California, thousands of Google employees reported a work stoppage to denounce the management of sexual harassment in the company.

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This unprecedented social movement in the mainstream search engine followed a New York Times article that claimed that Google had in recent years covered a series of cases of sexual harassment involving senior officials, including Andy Rubin. The creator of the Android mobile operating system left the group in 2014 with a $ 90 million compensation. He had denied these allegations.

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In January, a shareholder of Alphabet sued the group's board for seeking to hedge the behavior of executives like Andy Rubin, says CNBC. Another official, Amit Singhal, has been accused of concealing a complaint of sexual harassment. Hired by Uber after resigning from Google in 2016, he ended up leaving the leader of car-driver reservation platforms.

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According to the American channel, the Alphabet board's investigation must determine how the group's leaders handled the charges of sexual harassment but also other abuses or potentially reprehensible behaviors, such as that of David Drummond, director of business of the parent company, previously at Google.

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A former employee of her department, Jennifer Blakely, accused her of abuse in an article last August, where she recounts her relationship with him while he was married to someone else in 2004.

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