Habib Jemli, candidate of the Ennahdha Party, chosen to be Prime Minister

This former secretary of state is proposed to form the next government.

The Islamist-conservative party Ennahdha, the top legislature in Tunisia, has proposed former Secretary of State Habib Jemli to form the next government, said Friday, November 15, to AFP, Imed Khemiri, spokesman of this movement.

An agricultural engineer by training, Habib Jemli, 60, is a former secretary of state to the minister of agriculture (from 2011 to 2014), in the two governments of Hamadi Jebali and Ali Larayedh, of the islamo-conservative movement. In his CV, he states that he did not “no political affiliation”.

Habib Jemli must be formally instructed by the President of the Republic, Kais Said, an academic without a party elected October 13, to form the government. It has one month, renewable once, to carry out this task, and the government must then be approved by a majority of MPs. Failing a majority at the end of this period, the new head of state may propose another head of government.


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