Haenel case: Schiappa believes that “what goodism” does exist in the face of justice

The shock wave caused by the testimony of actress Adèle Haenel forced some members of the government to express themselves. Secretary of State for Gender Equality Marlene Schiappa says this Saturday “share, alas, the observation of Adèle Haenel“, who gave up her complaint after suffering sexual violence when she was a teenager, and evokes a” what's so goodism? “women face justice.

“Women know that it will be difficult and a 'what is goodism?' exists, “said the Secretary of State in an interview published on the website of Inrockuptibles.

“On average, it is estimated that only 1% of rapists go to jail – how can women be persuaded to go to court if they know in advance that the rapist is very unlikely to be convicted?” -t it.

Schiappa contradicts Belloubet

Marlène Schiappa said that she had heard the Attorney General of La Réunion say this week “the judicialization should not add abuse to the abuse”.

“It's very strong to hear from a professional himself, who realizes the difficulties and sometimes trauma caused by the procedure,” she describes.

“I will never tell a woman who is a victim of violence how she should react, I respect the choices and possibilities of each woman,” added the Secretary of State, taking the opposite of her colleague Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet.

The latter had said Wednesday that Adele Haenel “should seize justice”, adding that the actress was “wrong to think that justice can not respond to this type of situation.”

“Feelings of impunity”

The actress, 30 years old, who spent a lot of time Mediapart On the subject of sexual assault on a minor, when she was 12 to 15 years old, she also explained that she never thought of filing a complaint, regretting “systemic violence against women in the justice system”. For her, justice “must be questioned to be representative of society”.

“It is up to us, the government, to create the conditions for a real choice and therefore a real condemnation to put an end to this feeling of impunity,” says Marlène Schiappa.


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