Hauts-de-Seine: Justice gives reason to two mayors in their fight against pesticides


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A first in the fight of some mayors against pesticides. An administrative court has validated orders made by the mayors of Gennevilliers and Sceaux in the Hauts-de-Seine, a suburb of Paris. Patrice Leclerc Mayor, in Gennevilliers, justified his desire not to “replace the state permanently” but to act quickly to “defend the people” by prohibiting the use of glyphosate in the green spaces of the city.

Mayors so far dismissed by justice

In Sceaux, Philippe Laurent, the mayor, wanted to ban the use of pesticides on RER voices that cross his city. Its order also targets the condominium gardens. Concerns heard by the courts. “The mayor of this municipality could rightly consider that the inhabitants of this commune were exposed to a serious danger justifying that it prescribe the contested measures”she said. So far, the mayors had been dismissed by the courts.

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