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Imagine discovering overnight that your bank account has a deficit of 100 billion euros. This is the misadventure experienced by a Belgian entrepreneur. The story, told by the site, took place this Tuesday, November 12th. Frédéric d'Aspremont then decides to buy a sandwich to be able to eat between two meetings. But when paying, his card is refused for insufficient balance. Surprised and persuaded to have enough money on his account, the man then checks his balance on his banking application.

Problem, the app shows a negative balance of 99.999.996.506,16 euros. That is a deficit of nearly 100 billion. A fright that the Belgian took, however, with humor. He posted the picture of his balance on social networks with a message: “When your card is refused for the lunch sandwich and Belfius (Belgian bank NDLR) tells you that you are almost at least 100 billion euros. not be cardiac “.

Bug and legal proceedings

After the surprise and the jokes, however comes the galley for Frédéric. “It's funny at first, but it's still a big stress shot,” he told DH. “For example, I was afraid to find myself with interest to pay, and with such a sum we speak of millions of euros!” To try to solve the situation, he then contacts Belfius who explains that it is probably a bug while remaining vague. “I had to go out of my way to get things moving, especially through my lawyer,” says the entrepreneur.

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In reality, the problem came from a dispute that Frédéric had with a competitor. Boss of a start-up in the field of video production, he was attacked for plagiarism before being cleared. “What I did not know is that bank accounts can be frozen until the verdict falls, and that's what happened.” However, this does not explain the astronomical amount of the deficit displayed by the Belfius application, which was probably the victim of a technical bug. Still, the Belgian entrepreneur found himself for a few days “creditor of a bank for a huge sum!”


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