he kills his father during a meeting Zoom

A 32-year-old American brutally stabbed his 72-year-old father while he was online with around 20 people on Zoom.

The Zoom virtual meeting platform, popularized by containment and the coronavirus crisis, probably recorded his first murder. A man in the New York suburbs killed his father while the latter was on the line with around 20 people. It was noon Thursday in Amityville – the city of Long Island that inspired several horror films after a family massacre that took place there in 1974 – when Thomas Scully-Powers, 32, entered the room where his father 72-year-old was in front of the screen.

He first beat him before going to get knives with which he hit him on the chest, back and neck, “almost beheading him”, according to the prosecutor's press release which quotes the autopsy report. It was when he returned armed with knives that participants in the meeting called the emergency room. “This is a shocking and disturbing affair”, local prosecutor Timothy Sini said in a statement. “According to his own confession, the suspect brutally stabbed his father repeatedly, until he was certain he was dead. The investigation into this horrific crime continues, but rest assured that justice will be done for the victim.”

Man faces up to 25 years in prison

What participants saw from this horror scene remains to be clarified. According to the local newspaper Newsday, the victim disappeared from the frame of the camera and they mostly heard his cries. When the police arrived at the scene, the son, who lived with his father, fled by jumping out of the first floor window, according to the prosecutor. He took soda from a grocery store to try to cleanse the blood from his body, but was caught by the police a few blocks away.

The son was formally charged Friday for murder and incarcerated, before a new hearing scheduled for May 26. The prosecutor did not specify what could be the reason for the crime. But according to the son, the father started the fight by trying to injure his wrist, the newspaper reported. Newsday. Thomas Scully-Powers, who had a criminal record, faces up to 25 years in prison.


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