he traveled 1.6 million km by bike

At 82, Russ Mantle still has a lot of pedaling. If this British cyclist focuses the attention of all cameras, it is because he has just completed his millionth mile, or 1.6 million km in sixty-seven years of practice. The performance he has just achieved is equivalent to two round trips between the Earth and the Moon, unthinkable for ordinary people.

Russ Mantle had his first bike at the age of 15. Since then, he has kept them all in an old shed, his most precious treasure. “I have always bought parts, made and repaired my bikes myself”says the retiree. He has also kept photos and road maps of his journeys across Europe and America. Three years ago, the Brit made a heart attack on his bike. Since, doctors forbid him to pedal more than 40 km per day, but that is enough for his happiness.

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